Video lessons: Green entrepreneurship

This set of video lessons conforms a pedagogical tool aimed at green mentors and entrepreneurs. Video lessons provide information and detailed explanations about GREEN MENTOR aims, achievements and further steps; as well as resources, tools and methods on green mentoring. Here you can learn how to build a successful green mentoring relationship, how the mentoring relationship works, or what makes a mentor a green mentor.

Video Lesson 01 · The Green Mentor Project

Video Lesson 02 · The Green Mentor ECVET Curriculum

Video lesson 03 · The Green Mentor Handbook

Video Lesson 04 · The Green Mentor Toolkit

Video Lesson 05 · Green business needs: supporting entrepreneurs

Video Lesson 06 · What makes a mentor a green mentor?

Video Lesson 07 · How to organize a successful first meeting between mentor & mentee?

Video Lesson 08 · How to build a successful green mentoring relationship?

Video Lesson 09 · How the mentoring relationship works?

Video Lesson 10 · Tools & Methods for the green mentoring

Video Lesson 11 · The GM Toolkit: Tools 0 to 3

Video Lesson 12 · The GM Toolkit: Tools 4 to 6

Video Lesson 13 · The GM Toolkit: Tool 7

Video Lesson 14 · The GM Toolkit: Tool 8

Video Lesson 15 · The GM Toolkit: Tool 9

Video Lesson 16 · The GM Toolkit: Tool 10

Video Lesson 17 · The GM Toolkit: Tools 11 to 16

Video Lesson 18 · Green mentors/entrepreneurs interviews

Video Lesson 19 · What’s next in the Green Mentor Project?

Subtitles in English, German, Hungarian and Spanish, have been added to all videos. You only need to turn on the captions/subtitles option in the video, and then select your language.
Video lessons are also available on GREEN MENTOR project YouTube channel.

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