Intellectual Output 1. State of the Art Report on mentoring of green companies in Europe

The State of the Art Report aims at providing a clear understanding about the context and situation of mentoring of green companies and entrepreneurs: main strategies and existing policies, training needs, Green Mentor’s requirements in terms of skills and competencies, innovative methodologies, good practices, stakeholders, etc.

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Intellectual Output 2. Mentor for Green Entrepreneurs ECVET Curriculum

The development of the ECVET Curriculum has started from the needs identified in the State of Art Report and its recommendations, and it is based on the EQF and ECVET frameworks and guidelines. The main objective is to design a training Curriculum by defining and developing the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies for the innovative professional profile of Mentor for Green Entrepreneurs.

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Intellectual Output 3. GREEN MENTOR Handbook

Its main objective is to provide in depth information about new approaches and innovative methodologies on mentoring of green companies. This product has been developed on the basis of State of Art and aims to be a useful tool, complementary with other practical products of the project.

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Intellectual Output 4. GREEN MENTOR Toolkit

The Toolkit is a useful resource of practical information for the direct implementation of innovative methods in mentoring of green companies. It contains a set of practical tools and methods adapted to the specific needs of Mentor for Green Entrepreneurs- and other users and beneficiaries of the project- to be applied in the organizations, services and professional activities related.

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Intellectual Output 5. Video lessons: Green entrepreneurship

Video lessons has been designed and developed as a pedagogical tool and also as a promotional media, in connection with the main objectives of the project. Videos are structured as documentary-lesson on different topics of Green Entrepreneurship, and are aimed to:

  • engage and motivate target beneficiaries and end-users
  • spread innovativeness and values of the project
  • give visibility to the outputs and results
  • serve as an educational tool for Mentors for Green Entrepreneur
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Intellectual Output 6. OPEN ONLINE CENTER

The present Open Online Center provides project related key details about GREEN MENTOR scope, objectives, partnership, achievements, events and news. It also provides access to the project results as Open Education Resources. Furthermore, it contains the GREEN MENTOR PEDIA: a networking tool, dissemination hub and source of relevant information for target users and beneficiaries.

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