The emerging new phenomenon of Green Entrepreneurship is generating a growing demand of new professionals equipped with the skills necessary to support the entrepreneurial activities combined with the specific domain of the environmental areas. A type of professional able to:

Support the creation of -or the transition to- ``green companies`` by means of measures such as waste prevention, ecodesign, recycling or efficiency;

Promote entrepreneurship education in VET, creating awareness about environmental problems linked with entrepreneurship opportunities;

Provide technical knowledge to help entrepreneurs to identify green gaps in the market and to find corresponding solutions;

Increase the employability of unemployed workers, women and young people providing support and guide to start a career as entrepreneurs in the field of green economy.

GREEN MENTOR project aims to design and elaborate innovative VET contents and products to encourage the new professional profile of Mentor for Green Entrepreneurs, identifying and developing the competences, methodologies and tools required by these Mentors to effectively support green entrepreneurship in Europe through VET.

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